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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreams that should partially come true

I had a dream that SGH burned down and the show went on as a giant extension cord was ran from the levy. The image I had as I woke up was instead of people slam dancing as bands played on top of the hill (where SGH stood), there was a spirited game of king of the hill. But instead of it being a game where the object was to smash the person so that you could stay on top alone, the rules were reversed to see how many people could stay on top of the hill. People stood as close as possible to blistering guitar amps and the smell of smoldering wood soaked with 100+ years of alcohol abuse. The losers were the ones who stood idly in back and refused the smell of either the charred bar remains or their sweaty peers. Glad to hear that the SGH didn't burn down, however, let's get that game going tonight.

Hope to see you tonight.

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