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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Digital Reissue + New things

The fine folks over at All Night Party have released a digital reissue with a new pin. The new pin design courtesy of David Cupp. With the pin, you get a digital download code for 2 songs off of our now-out-of-print self titled record. We're asking $1 for it. Not bad.

Coming up in February, we'll be releasing another pin with 2 more songs! The show will be February 13th at MayDay (old Gypsy Hut).

We've got some recording time booked with Steve "Wuthering Heights" Wethington down at New Fidelity. We've got several irons in the fire on the new full length and it's going to be epic. It'll be on vinyl and will be released by Phratry Records.

Thanks for coming out to Southgate on Dec. 5th. State Song and Fists of Love were awesome.

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